Call And Response Records V.A. “883km”

2020 04/29(Wed)

UTEROオープン当時から深い繋がりのあった東京のインディペンデントレーベル、Call And Response RecordsがUTEROの為にコンピレーションを作ってくれました!

Call And Response Recordsは東京を拠点としていますが、九州・福岡といつも密接なつながりがありました。

このコンピレーションはCall And Response Recordsが過去15年に渡ってリリースしてきた九州のアーティストによる14トラックを集めたものです。このコンピレーションの全ての売上を私たちの愛するUteroに寄付致します。

Despite being based in Tokyo, Call And Response Records has always had a close connection with the city of Fukuoka and the island of Kyushu. The good people at live venue Utero in Fukuoka have introduced us to so much great music over the years, and always supported us in our visits to Kyushu, so as the coronavirus crisis hits live venues across Japan, we wanted to help them.

This compilation features 14 tracks by artists from Kyushu, taken from various Call And Response releases over the past 15 years. All money raised from this album will go to help our friends at Utero.

1. 発芽 – 泣き顔ツインテール
From「イチジク」mini-album, 2016
2. シロップ – 地盤沈下
From「発売中止」album, 2011
3. セミナー – ナルコレプシン
From「Throw Away Your CDs Go Out To A Show」compilation, 2017
4. octbat – mechaniphone
From「Uholic」EP, 2016
5. Carnival – cynicalsmileisyourfavorite
From「Dancing After 1AM」compilation, 2012
6. New Old Estate – PANICSMILE
From「Throw Away Your CDs Go Out To A Show」compilation, 2017
7. 舟と灯台 – RIM
From「Small Lights – A Tribute to Mir」compilation, 2015
8. Michael in Utero – マクマナマン
From「Dancing After 1AM」compilation, 2012
9. Business For Your Music ¥100,000,000 – デラシネ
From「1-2-3-Go!」compilation, 2005
10. Feeling Called Love (Wire cover) – Accidents In Too Large Field
From「Post Flag」compilation, 2008
11. 邂逅の音 – futtachi
From「Dancing After 1AM」compilation, 2012
12. トラ吉 – 白痴
From「チンドンDING DONG! ~みのくるいマーチ~」album, 2015
13. ライオット – 百蚊
From「Sashitai」album (re-release), 2007
14. Draw To The End – SEA LEVEL
From「Dictionary (Handwritten)」album, 2018